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Supplier of top of the range Professional Skin Care Products and provides Professional Training

Specialised in marketing and product training centre. Our products have received giant success in the market as well-known saloon care products for many years. Besides, we also conduct after sale services, which our beauty care specialists will help you to solve the problems that you may face during treatment.

Whether your need is to revitalise skin, smooth wrinkles or enhance facial and body contours – Apogeno has the product to make you look good and feel great. It providesinstant and long-lasting results.



Aesthetic Laboratory is a new generation skincare brand formulations comprising of natural plant-based technologies and a blend of well-chosen laboratory-made active ingredients that will revolutionize the traditional approach to skin health and treatment, one that truly recognizes how every single human skin is different and customisable skincare products is the key to the future in beauty industry. We believe skincare should be authentic, personalized, fuss-free and able to provide the skin with exclusively customised daily skin care regimen that is created solely just for your skin.


REVITA is a brand established as advanced hair revitalizing products line with unique peptide complex. REVITA comes from an essential hair growth protein, Noggin. REVITA is not just preventing but also creating. 

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